June 2010 - Zoltes Announces Fax Traffic Monitoring and Side-by-Side Fax Analysis over PSTN and IP Networks

Anderson, SC June 7, 2010 -- Zoltes, a leading provider in testing solutions for Data Centers, Voice Technologies and Unified Communications announces two new products: Fax Analyzer and Fax Monitor.The new products provide Network Operators and Equipment Manufactures with a comprehensive set of tools to perform in-depth protocol analysis of fax traffic on both PSTN and IP Networks.

Zoltes Fax Analyzer enables decoding and analysis of pre-recorded fax transmissions. It receives the recorded fax traffic in one of two ways: Raw signal files (PCM) in either mono or stereo format and IP capture files (PCAP) format. The fax capabilities provided include G.711 pass-through, IP T.38, V.34 hd, V.17, V.29, V.27, V.21, T.30, and T4/T6, combined with Tiff and JPEG image decoding.

Zoltes Fax Analyzer accurately demodulates the raw data transmissions and presents the decoded information and the analysis results via its state of the art Web-based portal. It allows the customer to track the fax calls across PSTN and IP Networks and easily combine them in side-by-side analysis that provides additional information into the network functionality.

Zoltes Fax Monitor is a non-intrusive tapping tool that captures the facsimile traffic over PSTN Networks and stores it for further analysis. The fax calls can be filtered out on-the-fly based on ANI/ DNIS information received during the call interception.

“Businesses everywhere are still using the fax technology to exchange sensitive information. The Network Equipment Manufacturers, Telephony Equipment Manufacturers, and Service Providers must take care of the facsimile traffic, particularity in order to build robust IP networks for reliable fax communication. We are committed to providing the appropriate test and analysis solutions suitable for the entire development cycle of their products. The Fax Monitor and Fax Analyzer just represent the first step towards upcoming tools existing in the development stage.” concluded Christian Lup, Business Development Director with Zoltes.

Zoltes fax testing and analysis tools can be used during the development, pre-deployment and post-deployment phases of any product that support facsimile transmissions.

Contact Information:
Rick Woodruff