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Zoltes V.34/ T.38 Fax Analyzer accurately demodulates the raw data transmissions and presents the decoded information and the analysis results via its state of the art Web-based portal. It allows the customer to track the fax calls across PSTN and IP Networks and easily combine them in side-by-side analysis that provides additional information into the network functionality.


  • G.711 pass-through, IP T.38, V.34 hd, V.17, V.29, V.27, V.21, T.30
  • V.34 hdx full transmission decoding
  • In-depth T.30/ T.38 fax analysis of IP and PCM captures
  • Merge both the Tx and Rx information into a single call trace
  • Analyze T.30/ T.38 fax sessions side-by-side by ladder diagrams
  • Multi-user support with Web-based Management Console
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Zoltes fax analysis approach for field troubleshooting



  • Provide detailed G3, Super G3 and T.38 fax analysis with V.34 support
  • Pinpoint the fax transmission protocol violations
  • Facilitate direct comparison of T.30 messages map against T.38 packets across Fax over IP gateways via ladder diagrams
  • Increase productivity while troubleshooting interoperability problems
  • Can be used for fax conformance and functionality testing



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