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Zoltes Media Analyzer (ZMA) provides an easy and effective way to monitor and analyze traffic in TelePresence and video collaboration systems.

ZMA is a unique solution for troubleshooting multiplexed, primary and secondary video streams, including voice traffic, for Telepresence endpoints running SIP or H.323.

ZMA has payload playback capabilities of a captured video trace to a physical Video Conferencing or TelePresence endpoint.

ZMA provides end user experience measurements and in depth protocol analysis making the product a must have in tech support organizations, service provider and enterprise environments.


  • Multi-user support via WEB Management Console
  • SIP call control support
  • H.323 and SIP call control support
  • Decode and analyze telepresence video and audio transmissions over IP
  • TIP and BFCP protocol decoding
  • Ladder diagram for signal/ message flow representation
  • Quality of Video (MDI metric)
  • Quality of Voice (MOS metric)
  • Save audio and video streams either as standalone files or in the same AVI file, one set for each transmission direction
  • Playback capabilities of a captured video trace to a physical Video Conferencing or TelePresence endpoint


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Zoltes media analysis approach for field troubleshooting



  • Telepresence decoding of video and audio sessions to solve interoperability issues
  • Help pinpointing the media transmission protocol violations with suggestive ladder diagrams and message flow details
  • Diagnose physical and network layer problems


  • Telepresence video and audio analysis
  • Telepresence media decoding
  • Telepresence interoperability troubleshooting
  • Video conference media decoding and analysis with Quality of Service measurements



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