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Zoltes SIPLab Phone Emulator automates the interoperability and regression testing of TEM, NEMs and Service Providers solutions with third party SIP Phones by using emulated real-world SIP Phones.

SIPLab Phone emulates multiple different real-world SIP Phones at the same time, using normal functional behaviors combined with deviations against the SIP standard specifications.


  • Emulate multiple SIP Phone endpoints based on real-world Phone Profiles
  • Test automation via CLI
  • Integrate with 3rd-party test automation and provisiong tools
  • Comprehensive test results
  • SIP statistics
  • Failure reasons
  • Ladder diagrams
  • Automatic integration with Wireshark
  • Easy to parse from external result parsing tools
  • Easy to use and intuitive GUI for test fine tuning and debugging
  • Inter-work with Zoltes SIPLab Trunk and SQA Class 5 Features Tester
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Zoltes SIP phone emulation


  • 100% Automated test execution via CLI
  • Reduce test time and costs
    Easy to use, test cases and results are in plain text format
  • Scalable, increased test capacity by using multiple Test Heads in parallel
  • In-depth test result analysis with ladder diagrams and SIP/ RTP traffic captures
  • Very affordable with prices below similar testing tools on the market



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