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Zoltes VFD Video plug-in is a call generator with
voice and video for IP enabled devices using generic
SIP call flows and media streaming features across
the IP telephony interfaces.


  • SIP Call Generator
  • Combine originating and terminating call flows
  • Handle Early Offer and Delayed Offer
  • Test Commands
    • Originate Call
    • Answer Call
    • End Call
    • Play Media
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Send DTMF
    • Receive DTMF
  • Up to 60 simultaneous calls with media streaming per Test Agent
  • Integrates with Zoltes Media Analyzer
Download Datasheet Download Datasheet

Zoltes video single end testing


  • Cost effective solution
  • All-in-one call control and audio/ video media generation
  • Flawless integration with Zoltes Media Analyzer



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