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Zoltes Test Fabric verifies the functionality of the Data Center and Cloud Computing solutions by generating mixed data storage, Layer 2-3, and application traffic and by measuring the key metric points.

Mulltiple Windows and Linux software Test Agents run on multiple VMware Virtual Machines that initiate and terminate test traffic under the control of the test central point.

Data storage operations can be scheduled through the technology wizards the user interface provides in order to simulate real-world interactions within the Data Center.

Various 3rd-party tools can be controlled via custom automation and GUI scripts in order to generate real-life application traffic.


  • Mixed IP, I/O, and application traffic generation
  • Full 10Gb Ethernet wire speed
  • Multiple VMware vCenter servers support
  • Test Traffic and VMware Statistics
  • Multi-user support via Web based management console
  • Windows and Linux support
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Zoltes converged approach for VMware virtual environments



Users can define and generate hundreds of transmit and receive UDP/ Multicast/ TCPstreams with their own unique traffic profile making it easy to scale up the tests beyond the SUT maximum performance.


  • Perform I/O operations under various patterns on Windows/ Linux Guest OS.
  • Drive I/O traffic from hundreds of VM simultaneously to a single datastore and collect I/O performance metrics.
  • I/O traffic can be against files on file system Guest OS or against raw Guest OS disk drives.
  • Use industry standard I/O tools: IOMETER, IORATE and IOZONE.


ZTF controls real-life applications in order to test the Data Center infrastructure (network, datastore, blade servers).

Sample application integrations:

  • MS SQL Server
  • VMware VDI Client
  • Dell DVD Store Test Application
  • Hadoop cluster
  • VLC Streaming server
  • VLC Player
  • Windows GUI applications control (MS Outlook, X-lite, etc.)


  • Minimize TCO
    • Software only solution
    • Use existing blade servers in the lab
  • Single test solution for comprehensive assessment of integrated Data Center or its components apart
  • Comprehensive functionality and performance verification before Data Center solution deployment
  • Minimize test time
    • Technology wizards
    • Simple test bed provisioning by special preparation scripts

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