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Data Center and Cloud Computing

Zoltes test solutions verify the functionality of the Data Center and Cloud Computing solutions by generating converged data storage and Layer 2-3 network traffic and measuring the key metric points.

Mulltiple Windows and Linux software Test Agents run on hundreds of VMware Virtual Machines that initiate and terminate test traffic under the control of the test central point, covering the following testing areas:

  • Network Infrastructure Testing
  • Data Storage Testing
  • Data Center System Integration Testing with real-life application traffic
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) functionality testing

Refer to Zoltes Test Fabric product for more information.

Zoltes Converged Approach for VMware Virtual Environments


Voice and Video Technologies

Zoltes testing, monitoring and analysis solutions are specially designed for TEMs, NEMs and Service Providers that need to verify their solution during the entire product life cycle.

The areas include:

  • Network and Telephony Equipment functionality
    testing and traffic analysis
  • Interoperability testing and troubleshooting
  • Quality of Service assements
  • Pre-deployment solution validation
  • Post-deployment monitoring and traffic analysis

Refer to Voice, Fax, Data Modem, and Video products for more information.

Zoltes Multipoint Voice and Video Approach



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